Custom Screen Printing

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For Custom Screen Printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX, Call Mallory Print!

If you’re interested in creating t-shirts, banners, stickers, or hats for your next event, let the staff at Mallory Print help! We offer quality services for embroidery and custom screen printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX. In order to provide you with the best designs, we use screen printing methods that create bold, striking colors on any colored material, as well as using a variety of inks and printing methods. As a local screen printing company, we pride ourselves on our customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction. The next time you need t-shirt, polo, hoodie, banner, or sticker printing, call our office at 800-433-2220 to put in your order with us. We are here to help you get the most bang for your buck.

What Is Screen Printing?

The process of screen printing is actually very simple. When you send us your color design, we break it down into different colors and create a stencil for each color in the design. We double check the alignment of the stencils to ensure that the design will come out clean. When it is an apparel item, it is pulled tight into a frame and steam ironed to prevent wrinkles and inconsistencies in the design. Once it is ready, the stencils and a screen are placed on top of the apparel item and ink is spread across the stencil. Once the ink has dried the stencil is removed and the next stencil is placed on the apparel item and we apply the next color in the design. This process is repeated until the entire design is complete. Then the item goes into a dryer to cure the ink. If you would like to learn more about the process of custom screen printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX, please call our office.

Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Service

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We Offer Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery.

We want our clients to get the best custom screen printing services, whether it’s for apparel or other items, which is why we work closely to ensure our clients get the best product. Many times, our clients will come in and already have a design or logo created, which is excellent! We love seeing unique creations from our clients and are more than happy to provide custom printing services. We ask that if a client brings in an original design or logo, they use .ai, .eps and .cdr formats, but we will accept the highest resolutions for .psd, .paf, .png, and .jpeg.

Most of the time, though, our clients come to us because they don’t have a design or logo, and need the assistance of professionals–this is where our in-house graphic designers come in. We are able to produce logos and designs that are able to wow your target clientele and audience. Our graphic designers follow a specific process in order to create striking and one-of-a-kind logos and designs for our clients.

  • Assess Design and Logo: Our team will take a look at the format you sent in to make sure that we are able to use it.
  • Product Selection: When the design or logo has been accepted, you can then choose a product that you want custom screen printing or embroidery for.
  • Mock-Up: Before we embroider or screen print an item, we will send a mock-up of what the item will look like.
  • Approved Design: Before we begin any sort of custom printing, our clients can request as many mock-ups until they approve the design.
  • Custom Printing and Embroidery: When the mock-up has been approved, we will embroider or print the logo or design on either apparel, banners, or a sticker.

If you need more information about our custom screen printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX, please contact us by dialing 800-433-2220! We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the best custom embroidery and printing products.

Apparel Printing

Custom Apparel Design and Printing Service

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We Custom Print T-shirts, Polos, Hoodies, and Hats!

If you need to hire an apparel screen printing shop for your apparel printing needs, call the shop at Mallory Print. We offer professional services and quality products. We offer a wide range of t-shirt, polo, hoodie, and hat styles to print the design on and use the finest printing methods in the industry. Whether you want to print on a plain white shirt or are looking for contrast against a black shirt, we guarantee striking, bold colors that will pop wherever you go. Send us your design and we’ll be able to print it and deliver your apparel items within a few weeks.

Custom screen printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX is great for things like advertising, art festivals, birthdays, business, church, clubs, contractor, events, fundraisers, holidays, military, music festival, party, political, organizations, real estate, restaurant, retirement, rodeos, school, trade shows, weddings, and more! If you’re interested in learning more about the different services our staff offers or specific apparel we print, click on the pages below, or give us a call at 800-433-2220. You can also take a look through our apparel and cap catalog to get an idea of the styles that we can print on. We can offer you quality products and you won’t ever have to worry about your shirts not arriving on time.

  • Hats To promote your event, business, or product, you can call us to get customized hats with your unique design or logo.
  • Hoodies We use the same quality printing methods and inks to create the designs on your hooded sweatshirts.
  • Polos If you want to improve the unity of your sales team, consider getting customized polo shirts for them to wear on the job.
  • T-shirts You can improve the organization of your fundraiser event or expand the brand of your business with our custom printed t-shirts.

We Print All Sizes

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We Can Customize Men’s, Women’s, Children, and Youth Apparel.

When it comes to providing apparel printing services for large events or bigger groups of people, there are some printing shops that offer unisex apparel items. This saves time on the part of the printers, but it doesn’t produce the desired results for the client. Unisex apparel rarely fit either the men or women in a way that is comfortable or flattering. As part of our commitment to excellent customer services and customer satisfaction, Mallory Print offers custom apparel printing for both men’s and women’s apparel, as well as children and youths. We can accommodate whatever you need to get great looking t-shirts, hoodies, and polos that will fit everyone in your group. When you hire us for custom screen printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX, we will work with you to make sure we understand the needs of your group and get you the right apparel for your event.

Banner/Sticker Printing

Custom Banner and Sticker Printing Service

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Mallory Print Can Print Custom Banners and Stickers!

Are you looking to get better advertising and or marketing for your product, event, or business, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? custom apparel screen printing is a really great way to do this, but people don’t wear these types of things every day. In order to get the marketing and advertising you need, you’ll want something that you will be able to see in different areas or items. The best way to do this is with banners and stickers. Both banners and stickers are able to give people the information they need and the ability to see it more than once. At Mallory Print we are able to offer custom print screening in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX for banners and stickers.

Custom Banner Printing

If you are looking to make a big announcement or you want people to know about an upcoming event that you are having, one of the best ways to do that is with a custom banner. We are the local print and design shop you can count on when you want a custom banner for your next event, meeting, or party. We are able to print original designs on a banner, or our graphic designers can come up with a creative design for your specific need. We can print on vinyl and mesh banners that can either go on a pole, table, or that can be hung up. Banners are great for advertising, art festivals, birthdays, business, church, clubs, contractor, events, fundraisers, holidays, military, music festival, party, political, organizations, real estate, restaurant, retirement, rodeos, school, trade shows, weddings, and more! To find out more about the custom screen printing service in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX, call us today!

Custom Sticker Printing

We don’t tend to think of stickers when it comes to marketing and advertising, but they are great things to hand out at your event and can be seen by many people. Whether you want custom stickers for your new product or your next event, our team is able to help you! You can provide us with an original design or logo, or our graphic designers can design one for you. We can print these on gloss or matter material that is all waterproof, and we can print them on circle, oval, square, rectangle, or die cut stickers. There are many ways that stickers that can be used, which includes bumper stickers, campaign stickers, political stickers, promotional stickers, event stickers, kids stickers, monogram stickers, address stickers, marketing stickers, and sports stickers. Call us at 800-433-2220 to get this type of custom screen printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX.

Call for Custom Screen Printing Service

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Contact Us Today!

Whether you are wanting custom t-shirts an upcoming event or you want a big, custom banner to welcome someone home, Mallory Print is the printing shop that you need to call. We love helping people and creating, which is why we have had our doors open since 1961. If you are needing custom apparel, banners, or stickers, please contact us at 800-433-2220! We are able to provide you with high-quality and professional custom screen printing in Joshua, Cleburne, and Burleson, TX, that will make your next event, fundraiser, or meeting a hit. Don’t wait! Call us to find out how we can help you.