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If you are planning a function, family vacation or other special occasion, you can make it even more special with custom designed shirts, polos, hoodies, banners, and stickers from a local print shop who offers custom screen printing in Keene, TX. Mallory Print offers services to create bold, striking designs on quality shirts, polos, jackets, banners, and stickers. As a business, we provide high levels of customer service to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the design on the t-shirts, polos, jackets, banners, or stickers we deliver to your address. If you need to place an order or inquire about our group pricing rates, call 800-433-2220. Make us your main print shop for all your special events and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not the stickers, banners, or apparel will arrive on time and we guarantee the absolute finest quality.

The Best Custom Screen Printing

Custom screen printing can improve the experience of any function or family vacation. You can also use it as a marketing tool for your office or small business. If you are needing to hire a print shop in Keene, TX for your custom screen printing needs, Mallory Print is available to help. Our staff uses the finest inks and the most professional printing methods to make the best designs for your custom t-shirts, polos, jackets, banners, and stickers. When you are ready for additional information regarding our services, check out the links below or call 800-433-2220.

  • Custom Banner Printing When you need expert custom banner printing for your business, event, or product, contact our print shop.
  • Custom Printed Hats Want your logo or design on a hat? Get in touch with our print shop for custom printing.
  • Custom Printed Hoodies Custom printed hoodies are a great way to publicize your company or event in the winter.
  • Custom Printed Polo Shirts Clothe your employees with customized polos when you call us for customized printed polos.
  • Custom Sticker Printing Mallory Print is able to print customized stickers for addresses, and more.
  • Custom T-shirt Printing Customized t-shirt printing means you can have unique t-shirts for your upcoming event or party.

Local Screen Printing Services

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We Offer Custom Screen Printing for a Variety of Products.

In order to be the greatest print shop in the area, Mallory Print is dedicated to providing the finest designs that won’t fade or chip. Every product printed in our shop has plastisol ink. Plastisol is a thick, flexible ink that is made from PVC particles in a liquid plasticizer. Plastisol ink establishes an essentially unbreakable bond with the shirts, polos, hooides, banners, or stickers that won’t be compromised by years of wear. Plastisol inks make bright designs because the ink does not absorb into the material the way that water-based inks do.

When using plastisol ink, custom screen printing makes high-quality designs. It allows our printers to build the design on the shirts, polos, hooides, banners, or stickers one color at a time. If you give us your design, we use a computer program to break the design down by color and form a stencil for each color in the design. Once the stencils are finished, they are laid over the product and ink is spread through a screen. The ink is allowed to dry before another color of the design is applied. Call our print shop at 800-433-2220 when you need to find out more regarding our custom screen printing in in Keene, TX.

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Mallory Print offers quality and reliable custom screen printing in Keene, TX. We offer quality services that allow us to create bright designs on all kinds of t-shirts, polos, jackets, banners, and stickers made from any color materials. Let us help you expand your company or enhance the experience of your upcoming fundraiser. Dial 800-433-2220 to ask about our services or pricing.